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    Honest Weaves Cassandra Throw

    handwoven textiles crafted with thoughtfully sourced materials.

    Aiming for
    a conscious,
    slow living.

    All my textiles are hand woven, with ethically sourced and traceable materials. At Honest Weaves,

    I aim to produce original, quality products designed to be treasured. I use wool as it is naturally resourced, renewable, easily recycled and biodegrades without any harm to the planet. 

    Hilda Allen_Honest Weaves_Casandra_hands.jpg
    limited edition illustration


    Handwoven in collaboration using premium quality lambswool spun from merino fleece.

    Only a total of 20 throws will be woven released in batches of 5. 

    "I can't thank you enough for your interest in my project, all your patience in interpreting my jumbled thoughts plus I am touched by how much care you take in everything you do including sending the screws & wall plugs!! I really like the wood hangers and the thought that went into the design there too...

    I have never commissioned anything before but you have made it all a pleasure and encouraged me to do it more. Thank you Hilda - I wish you much happiness and success in your creative life and work."

    Gail, London

    Woven Paper decorations

    Decorations woven using basket weaving techniques. Created with paper cane, an environmentally friendly renewable material used for weaving, which is combined by multiple strands of thin paper ropes. Also softer than bamboo and rattan. 

    [Honest Weaves] Paper stars, solo £5.jpg

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    Our favourites

    Woven Wall hangings

    One of a kind wall hangings, mainly woven with undyed cotton, yarn, vintage threads and raffia.  

    Honest Weaves large custom wallhanging.jpg
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