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A story of relearning


I am Hilda and I run Honest weaves,

a weaving studio BASED in Bristol.

With over ten years in the creative Industry, working as an Interior Designer and later a Graphic designer I ached to use my hands and get away from the computer screen.

Weaving allows me to be fully absorbed in creating. Using my head to sketch and figure out what colours work together, work out the pattern, measure out the wool, thread up the loom and then the magic begins. 

I bring transparency to everything I make, with each product I detail where all its ingredients are from. I would like to cause the least harm as I can with my products.

All the wool is mainly sourced from one of the only Woollen Mills left in England. I use wool as wool is planet friendly, naturally resourced, renewable, easily recycled and biodegrades without any harm to the planet. Some other benefits are –

  • Keeps you cool in hot weather, warm in cold weather

  • Natural resistance to dust mites and bacteria

  • Naturally fire retardant

  • Can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture

  • Naturally hard-wearing and long-lasting

The backing fabric from a Welsh company who partner with weavers in India to make the cloth. They have been to the site and are in regular contact with the family. More details can be found on their website here.

Finally the cushion inner is made using 100% British wool and organic casing. Each pad comes with a description of what wool has been used. I chose WoolSoft as "considerable care is taken to ensure the correct type of 100% British wool is used in the making of our products, our varied range demands high quality fleece and we have a range of wools to suit each particular product and what is demanded of it.  You will not find fleece ‘left-overs’ or sub quality wool in our products". They are such fantastic quality, each time I order a cushion I want to keep it for myself.

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