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The Full Story


Project based on the idea of Cassandra, the Princess of Troy. "Cassandra was the daughter of Priam, the King of Troy, and his wife Hecuba. She was both a princess and a priestess. She was strikingly beautiful and very clever, but when she started predicting the future, everyone just thought she was mad.

Cassandra always wore the most incredible clothes. As a Trojan princess she dressed in rich robes and fabulous jewellery. As a strange uncanny priestess she would use make up, body painting, tattooing and piercing to create her aura of wild mystery." Taken from Mythologica by Victoria Topping & Steve Kershaw.

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Handwoven in collaboration with The Liverpool Weaving Company. Kirsty Jean Leadbetter founded Liverpool's very first and only micro mill. 

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Handwoven with premium quality lambswool spun from merino fleece. 100% pure, mulesed free wool.

Merinos’ have been specially bred to produce the softest and finest wool. Lambswool is wool from the first shearing of the animal.

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Only a total of 20 throws will be handwoven.

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