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Have you heard of ‘Japandi’? It’s the blend of Japanese and Scandinavian style. It feels like a mix of clean lines and cosiness along with the right amount of items. There is also emphasis on using natural materials and adding a more earthy tone to a minimal home. “Humans have a connection and dialogue with the surrounding environment.”

Simple things like using neutral colours, quality pieces, elegant plants, light materials with a functional purpose and creating balance.

Coming out of this year, I’ve definitely been feeling unsettling and looking into how I can ground and anchor myself at home. Looking into this style has definitely clicked for me. The use of materials, investing in quality pieces and really considering what we bring into our home.

Hatice XInterior have a great post up about this, including a list of tips and tricks that will help you achieve a Japandi style for your rooms and your house.


One tip we're thinking of bringing into our home is having lower furniture. We're actually on a hunt for a sofa and we're thinking of a low sofa rather than mid century teak legs on our sofa.


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